Preventing Homelessness across Canada.

Sounds in the 6ix

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Sounds in the 6ix is Raising the Roof’s annual interactive and fun musical party that raises funds to assist those who are at-risk or experiencing homelessness.

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What is Homelessness?

235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. Find out more about the issue and long-term solutions.

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Youth, Child and Family Homelessness Initiatives

Why the focus on youth? It’s simple. We believe that the best way to prevent long-term homelessness is to address the issue when people are young.

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The Upstream Project

The best way to address youth homelessness is to work upstream and prevent its occurence in the first place.

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How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in long-term solutions to homelessness. Find out how!

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Support long-term solutions to homelessness. 92.7% of all donations go to our charitable work.

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The Toque Campaign

Learn how you can join the fight to reduce and prevent homelessness.

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Young women with a working environment in the background.
Young women with a working environment in the background.
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