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What is Reside >

Reside is an initiative that aims to prevent homelessness by increasing the number of affordable housing units within local communities. This is achieved by renovating vacant and abandoned homes into environmentally sustainable and affordable units. Once renovated, these homes are offered to people who are either at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness. By creating long-term, affordable housing options and pairing them with community supports to maintain housing, Reside creates tangible solutions to the homelessness crisis across Canada.

Moreover, the project has a second social impact. Each construction site offers space for young people at-risk to become an apprentice to enter a career in the trades. BuildingUp, our amazing partner, is currently helping 80 youth to enter a career in the trades.

The project >

Currently, we are renovating two vacant spaces in Caledon and North York. Both properties are created to support individuals at risks of homelessness on a long-term basis.

In order to welcome our tenants by September 2019, we need your help! We accept both financial donations and material donations.

Financial donation >

Here are the steps we need to take before Amanda, one of the lovely tenants, can move in by September 2019.

Materials donations >

In order to finish our two Reside properties, we are still short a few materials for the following:

  • Doors and casings
  • Windows and casings
  • Deck
  • Baseboards
  • Stairs

The tables below describe the specifics of the materials.

We greatly appreciate all donated materials to help us complete our transformation of two vacant homes into affordable housing!

Contact >

Have questions? Want to make a concrete impact on Amanda’s access to her new home?

To donate financially, please visit our donation page here and mention “One Brick at a time”.

To donate materials, contact Jenny Lam at  with the subject line: “One Brick at a time” or via 416 481 1838.

Each donation is a step towards ending homelessness, one brick at a time!

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